Ferrari Revisited Old Floor Concept in Baku

Ferrari's bid to bring much-needed performance to its 2019 Formula 1 car has included it revisiting a floor concept that it appeared to have abandoned at the end of last year

As Giorgio Piola's exclusive drawing shows (above), Ferrari's upgrade for Baku included a small change to the floor - adding a bank of three fins at the rear corner just ahead of the tyre squirt slot.

These fins were something that Ferrari tried in numerous practice sessions at the end of last year, starting in Japan, but could not get to work in the way it hoped.


Ferrari SF71H floor comparison, Suzuka

Ferrari SF71H floor comparison, Suzuka

Photo by: Giorgio Piola

But now it appears that team is more confident in the design that helps energise the airflow around the rear tyre.

As well as the floor change, Ferrari brought a new low-drag rear wing - albeit one that used a greater angle of attack compared to its rivals

The team also had detail changes to a re-profiled bargeboard section. The small strakes at the front end were reworked.

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