Giorgio Piola's Mid-Season Review!

2019 season opened with the expectation of a battle between Mercedes and Ferrari, with Red Bull and its new Honda engine expected to be a competitive outsider.
And, while Mercedes proved be the force everyone was expecting with enormous dominance, Ferrari has underperformed. With strategy and car reliability issues, the Maranello team is not close to competing with Mercedes, even if  in Bahrain we had a wonderful drive from Leclerc at his second race with the red car: he made pole position and dominated  the race until an engine failure prevented him from achieving his first Grand Prix win. 

We’ve had a surprise with Red Bull performance. Thanks to Verstappen aggressive driving and Honda engine  competitiveness, we are getting exciting duels between him and Hamilton and they’ve managed to take two victories away from Mercedes.
At the drivers level Hamilton continuous his magic from last season to position himself once again as the driver to beat by combining Senna speed with Prost Intelligence. Verstappen has also been incredible, especially in the last races of the first half and is fueling the expectation that he can become the youngest driver ever to become an F1 Champion. On the Ferrari side, Vettel is getting back into his normal shape after starting the season on a low key and finding himself alongside a young and incredibly talented driver like Leclerc.
The season has revealed to be a beautiful and competitive one with amazing races like Austria, Silverstone, Germany and even Hungary showing that this generation of power unit cars are able to guarantee spectacle even in the traditionally boring Budapest track. As I said before, I believe the current cars shouldn't be changed that much in 2021 as they currently allow for overtakes and show. Maybe narrowing the front wing to allow drivers to overtake without damaging it. With great cars we also have a great generation of drivers that are making great show. Its too bad we don’t have Alonso anymore who I consider second only to Hamilton. 
Spa should be a good race. Almost home advantage for Verstappen who will definitely be lifted by the crowd presence and support. Ferrari must begin their recovery as this could potentially be a good track for them. Also, they have been working on their front suspension with which they fell behind compared to Mercedes and Red Bull. Hopefully for Ferrari, this update should put them at the same level.

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