Marina Bay Street Circuit

The race this Sunday at Marina Bay Street Circuit will definitely be a challenge for the drivers. 

Here at the technically demanding Singapore GP, drivers can almost literally feel the walls closing in on them due to the way the track is set up. This can really increase the stress levels the drivers experience, inducing a pressure cooker like atmosphere with the drivers enduring extreme humidity and temperatures of about 50C.

 The track features more than 20 curves, allowing little time for drivers to relax, while favoring the more technically developed cars such as Mercedes.

All signs point to an intense battle between the likes of Hamilton and Verstappen, with little hope for the back-to-back winner Charles Leclerc and his Ferrari which has proven to be dominant on the tracks featuring less turns and longer straights.

However, with a slight chance of rain on the horizon, it's still anyone's guess as to how the race will shape up, but we do know who we should expect to see battling at the front of the pack.

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