Mexico Grand Prix Comments

Mexican GP Comments from Giorgio Piola


The Mexico GP was another beautiful race. It was very uncertain as the final outcome wasn’t clear until the very end. I think it was one of Hamilton’s most extraordinary races ever. At the start, the Ferraris took the lead. Hamilton did a very early change of tires which he wasn’t fully convinced of, but even when he doesn’t agree with the team’s strategy, he doesn’t let this get to him. He reasons with the staff, obeys what is being asked of him and always pushes to the maximum. It’s important to point out that his car was also severely damaged: it was missing more than 50 cm of the floor along the side that cost him 2-3 tenths of a second per lap.

This damage also contributed to a quicker the consumption of the rear right tire. Despite all this he drove in an almost magical way. He didn't make any mistakes and kept pushing until the very end. Even when he had the ok from the team to use the maximum power, he did it wisely. As I mentioned before, he is a combination of Prost and Senna, because of this, he will probably end up being the most important driver of the modern Formula 1. We also need to recognize the great race done by Vettel. Same as Hamilton, he didn’t fully believe in the team’s strategy.

He pushed as much as he could but once again, Mercedes showed that even though it can be beaten in qualifying, their pace in the races is superior to Ferrari. Leclerc was a little undertone. The team made a mistake but its normal to happen during a season that a pitstop doesn’t go well and he lost a few seconds because of it. However, right after, he made a mistake of his own out of nervousness: he made a flat spot, and this affected the performance of his car through the end of the race. We need to remember that he is a very young driver and that certain mistakes can still happen to him among the many great things he is doing. There were interesting fights at all levels. from the top, the middle and the bottom of the competitors. The crowd was also amazing (I believe it was the largest audience this year at any GP). They supported all drivers with warmth and generosity and the drivers paid them back with great spectacle. It was beautiful to see. 

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