Singapore GP Comments

The Singapore GP was an extremely important race for Ferrari and for Formula 1. Besides the three consecutive victories for the Maranello team, what is relevant is where this last victory took place.
Singapore is a track with similar characteristics as Hungary, where Ferrari (if you remember) was a minute behind the Mercedes. Ferrari arrived to Singapore with an aerodynamic package that revolutionized the SF90: New nose, new turning vanes under the chassis, new diffuser, new front and rear wing etc.
The car at Marina Bay, was almost an entirely different car than the one that won at Spa and Monza. This is very important as this is the first time this season that Ferrari reacts positively with their the technical upgrades by getting everything right and changing the fate of their cars and the race in general. It was a weekend dominated by the reds from the beginning during the tests all the way through qualifying, which by the way, was one of the most exciting sessions I remember in recent years.
With the tight confines of the street circuit, there were several instances where the poor handling of retired vehicles led to several long stretches that required the safety car. It's up to the federation to approve circuits after they prove the ability to remove the stationary vehicles. By contrast, Monaco is also a street circuit but has shown that they can remove the cars from the track extremely fast. These long safety car periods took away some of the excitement at the end of the race.
On another note, I am happy for Vettel and his return to victory after more than a year of drought. This win should do a lot for his confidence and morale that have suffered since last season with Hamilton and this season with Leclerc stealing the show. Having a gritty Vettel back, along with the proven Leclerc bodes well for Ferrari’s and for Formula 1 end of the season. Despite the big advantage Mercedes gained early, 2019 is developing as one of the most spectacular seasons in the last 20 years.

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