What to look for in an awesome F1 timepiece?

So, you love everything about racing. You’re a big Formula 1 fan, and you know every bit of information about your favorite sport by heart, and thus, your next logical step is buying a racing watch that publicly proclaim your love for the F1. 

But where to start? What to look for? Are all racing watches the same? Which features should your trusty wrist companion have? Maybe it all seems a little too complicated and you are not too sure about what to buy. But fret not, since we’re here to make your selection process a much simpler task, and to point you in the right direction when going for a good Formula 1 inspired timepiece. 

So, to be perfectly clear, what exactly should you look for in a Formula 1 watch worth its salt? For starters: 

  • High contrast dial: Look for a watch with a high contrast dial that you can read at high speed. 
  • Chronograph: The bread and butter of any respectable racing watch. This separate stopwatch function uses a start and stop buttons to operate the second hand and has two or even three registers on the dial. 
  • Tachymeter Bezel: This complication (located around the dial) allows the driver to make speed and distance calculations. 
  • A good set of straps: Many racing watches come in bracelets, but originally, they came on rubber straps or breathable leather. You can still get them like that. 

There is a broad range of options when it comes to picking the style and look of your racing wristwatch, more than any other style of watch ever. Some you can combine with casual attires, while other look much better on formal wear. 

The thing to remember when going for a Formula 1 inspired watch is that these watches are designed to be a compliment to race cars and their drivers, so making a statement and being loud are desirable traits in your watch. 

Because how could they not? When you think about Formula 1, you probably picture one man: The legend Steve McQueen, who was quite the trendsetter and all-around cool guy. And seriously, wouldn’t you want to portray the same energy? 

On a more pragmatic note, when going for a watch with these characteristics and complications, mind the chronograph, and to perfectly select it, bear in mind the following advices: 

  • Pick a watch that’s easy for you to read. You don’t want to look like a fool if someone asks you for the time of day. 
  • Pick a watch with luminous markings that you can read at night or in the dark. 
  • Choose a two or three pusher chronograph watch for ease of use. 
  • Pick a chronograph that’s able to record more time that you’re intending, so it won’t require a reset. 
  • If accuracy is everything to you, go for a quartz movement timepiece. 
  • If you’re planning on using your watch on some wet conditions, pick one that’s also resistant to water. 
  • Avoid digital chronographs that pause, stop or reset when switching functions. 
  • Don’t pick a watch with pushers that are too sensitive, as they are liable to activate at the slightest touch. 
  • If you’re looking for an alarm, you won’t find one in here, so bear that in mind. 
  • Not because a watch in a series has the chronograph function it means all the pieces in that series posses that feature. Make sure you’re going for the right timepiece. 

And there you go. Easy, quick and comprehensive. Now you’re more than prepared to acquire your first Formula 1 watch. Feel free to check our own selection, and find the perfect match for you! 

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