5 Reasons to Get a Formula 1 Inspired Watch

Whether you’re into functionality or fashion or are making a bold statement about yourself, a wristwatch is an accessory every gentleman worthy of the title should possess. From the

beginnings of their history
men to their close connection to racing wristwatches, and in particular remain a close and fateful companion, and one of the best jewelry accessories a man could wear. But why exactly should you get one? Well, for starters...

1) A masterpiece of engineering right on your wrist

From the simplest to the most detailed and adorned racing watch, you can be sure that much love for the craft and attention to detail was put into each and every single one of them, making them exceptional engineering masterpieces, much like the cars they’re inspired in, and in addition, you can carry them with you at all times.

You Formula 1 inspired timepieces probably have as many parts as an F1 racecar, and it’s equally precise. If you’re into accuracy, precision and engineering marvels, you’re in for a treat.

2) Be a part of the motorsport history

As we have previously said, there’s a lot of history between motorsports and racing watches. Your timepiece could be a vintage one to make reference to previous glories of the sport, or it could be a collection piece that celebrates a particular moment or racer in Formula 1 history.

Contemporary watches that draw inspiration from classic or modern races have a distinct feel that seeks to emulate the wonderful machines used in racing, but the most important thing to remember is that no matter the watch you choose, you’re sending a clear and obvious message and a statement about your passion for Formula 1, so why not showcase your love for the sport with a watch to match?

3) Attention to detail: inspiration from the racing cars (H3)

A great reason to wear a Formula 1 inspired watch is the racing-derived features designed and etched upon them. It could be something as discrete as the tachymeter built into our G5 Delta, or something as bold and loud as the bezel of our Strat-3. In the specific case of racing watches, the idea is to feel you’re looking at the dashboard of a racing car when you look at your watch’s dial, so you should always go with whatever best suits your tastes.

Whether you’re lusting for a Porsche or a Ferrari or already own one, the details on your watch are a way to wear your dream car. And in this regard, a racing watch can actually be a smarter purchase, since even when you could buy that car you’re longing for, it will sit in the garage for most of the year, while your trusty wrist companion is something you can take with you everywhere.

4) The world of racing watches is an experience you should live

You can own and watch. Just about any brand or model. But why would you limit your experience to just mere minutes and seconds when you could have so much more on your wrist? A racing watch is an ultimate gizmo in the hands of a connoisseur. There’s something unique about owning a luxury watch that reflects your passion for speed, thrill and of course, racing.

And there’s even something oddly satisfactory about knowing the time of day with exact precision as you look at your watch’s dial and while you could technically know the time of day by watching the screen of your phone, there is nowhere near the charm of turning the knob, watching the hands go round and pressing the buttons in doing so.

5) Style, fashion, durability, and functionality combined

The same reasons that made racing watches popular about half a century ago are the same reasons that make them veritable and reliable everyday wear. They offer practical use while remaining a useful tool for your daily routine. With typically large, clear dials, antireflective coatings on the glass and even a decent underwater resistance in most cases, these watches boast an incredible array of uses for you. And if you add style and luxury to the mix, you get the perfect gentleman accessory.

And of course, upon having all the usual benefits of knowing the time of day by the exact second, you can count on expanded functions such as a chronograph or a tachymeter, which come in handy for a multitude of purposes.

Do you need any more reasons to get your dream watch? It’s one of the best pieces of everyday wear any man could get, and after centuries existing, they’re not going anywhere. If you are feeling your wrist a little naked, why not check our collection of Formula 1 inspired Timepieces?

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