Japanese Grand Prix


Due to the Typhoon, this year's running of the Japanese Grand Prix had its schedule changed with qualifying moved to Sunday before the race. This created a lot of extra work for the teams by forcing them to prepare their cars for both sessions with much less time in between. At the race, there was talk that this format (qualifying and the race on the same day) could be the way to move forward in the future. In my opinion, I doubt it, as it require spectators to stay at the track or watch TV for a whole day. I don’t think this is feasible, especially for casual fans. To me, the format is ideal as is, with two days of racing🏎

The GP itself was decided at the start. For the first time this year, both the Ferraris had disappointing starts. Vettel admitted he made a mistake by moving his car a little before the green light and then was late to start when the race began. On the other hand, Bottas had a very impressive start and was very good at overtaking Sebastian.. The SF90s showed again how fast a car it is, and Ferrari was phenomenal in qualifying. However, the next day Mercedes W10 also showed that they have the better race pace, partially by the way they are able to make their tires last longer. Bottas was great from start to finish, and I believe Mercedes allowed him to win as a thank you for all the help he’s provided Hamilton and the team since last year. Remember Sochi last year when he let Hamilton pass him and win the race? Now that Mercedes has the constructors’ title in their pockets, the only thing left to be decided is the drivers title which I believe by Mexico or Austin at the latest will be confirmed for Lewis Hamilton.


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