A Legacy 40 Years In The Making

Giorgio Piola’s career started as a bet between brothers. A friendly challenge to settle the debate as to who’s illustrations were strong enough to be published in the leading motorsport magazines of the era. Giorgio won, racing headfirst into a career analyzing the technical designs of Formula One machines and quickly taking pole position in an industry that didn’t exist before he proposed its creation.

For the last 40 years, Giorgio has profiled every change in design and engineering for every car on the grid. In a sport where victory is determined by mere hundredths of a second, it is often the most minute change that makes all the difference.
"I glance at a car and the differences stick out, as if there's a magnet. Without knowing it, I was always training myself for my future profession."
- Giorgio Piola
Giorgio’s trained eye allowed him to painstakingly recreate and document each new design without missing a beat. He studied ground effect aerodynamics, passionately recreated the designs of the infamous, hell-raising V12 engines with poetic precision and documented the integration of the now commonplace carbon fiber chassis. Suffice to say, there is nothing Giorgio hasn’t seen.
What I also like in my work is that it's very psychological. Very often I found a new solution only from reading the behaviour of people.
- Giorgio Piola, 2016
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